We went out to a fancy dinner in a big old house
The waiter thought I was someone famous so he gave us
free dessert and a tour of the joint
Ghosts in the basement and a wedding banquet hall upstairs
as the rest of my life flashed before my eyes and I
imagined you standing there as my Southern bride or
maybe it was just some 19th century ghost bride
who looked kinda like you

I love you still so much my dear
and I wish that we could be back here together
in Savannah, oh Susanna
In your rainbow bikini on Tybee Beach
drinkin sandy cans of beer and suckin on frozen strawberries
splashin in the waves in that murky brown bath water

The summers are so hot here in Savannah
Oh Susanna

We went back to our hotel on the riverbank
Cool A.C., just you and me and
a freshly-made bed to escape this oppressive heat
maybe even turn the TV on
Underneath the Spanish moss on the live oak trees
everyone seems to stop and say hi
we even see the same shiba inu twice
The second time in a graveyard when it's raining


In your low-backed dress on the elevator
we laugh about that thing that just happened with our waiter
who thought that I was famous and rich
when in reality I could just get by on appetizers and leave a medium tip
On the way back to Atlanta we stopped by Flannery O'Connor's place
Chillin with the peafowl I looked up and saw her face
in the window of her bedroom
It kinda freaked me out and haunts me still



from Handheld Recordings, Vol. 1: The Hotel Life, released June 21, 2018


all rights reserved



Eliot Eidelman Ojai, California

expressing the human condition through song

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